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Find And Join Community-Building Projects In Chicago

Let’s make Chicago stronger, together. Make a difference today!

Stronger Chicago Is A Simple But Powerful Platform

There are hundreds of amazing organizations working to build community in our city.
Our Mission is to support them, promote them and connect them with people who want to help.


Easily explore different community organizations and find the ones you want to support.

Get Involved

Connect with organizations and find out how you can help make Chicago Stronger.


Submit your organization and we’ll promote your work and help connect you with volunteers.

Stronger Chicago is implementing a 4 phase strategy to developing local community engagement.

1. Build an Index of active community groups.

2. Create interviews with community leaders to tell their stories and inspire others.

3. Add additional community features such as volunteer listings and press release upload.

4. Gather feedback from the community and iterate for greater impact.

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