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Stronger Chicago has the goal of being a largely decentralized project.

As we grow, our strategy is to be powered by diverse creatives and engineers working to empower the communities of Chicago. We are always looking for volunteers, advisors, and other forms of team support. Contact us if you want to help out!


John Connor

Primarily interested in working with the intersections of community, philosophy, and technology, I enjoy using digital design and cultural analysis to help people communicate messages!


Brian Van Slyke

Brian Van Slyke is a game designer, educator, activist, writer, and cooperator. He’s designed several games, launched a few organizations, and eaten his fair share of popcorn. He specializes in history, cooperative economics, social movements, and high-fives.Brian is a cofounder of the TESA Collective, a worker cooperative that develops resources for social and economic change, such as Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives and Rise Up: The Game of People & Power. Follow TESA on Twitter @toolboxfored.

Levi Baer

To Levi Baer, a perfect world is one in which everyone has access to the resources needed to advance their ideas and projects. He is solving this challenge using games, entrepreneurship, and community building. Currently, he is an instructor of Entrepreneurship and Communication Studies at DePaul University, a co-founder of the neighborhood-focused coworking space Second Shift, and the founder of the startup community Coffee & Conversation.